About Lesson


<About my lesson>

You can enjoy 3 kinds of Japanese traditional experiences with wearing Kimono!!

1. Koto lesson (Japanese harp)

2. Sanshin lesson (kind of Japanese guitar)

3. Green tea ceremony (matcha)

※You don't need prior experience in music!

※You can enjoy all activities in 2hours lesson!

<Detail of lessons>

First you will wear Japanese traditional Kimono and take photo.
※They are all handmade by y ground mother.

I’ll teach you how to play two instruments, the 13-stringed ”KOTO” (the national instrument of Japan) and the three-stringed ”SANSHIN”.

You’ll learn 3~4 songs, including the famous “Sakura.” By the end of our session, you should be able to play them on your own.

We'll also dress up in one of my many kimonos. Each one is handmade by my grandmother, so they’re very special.

Finally, I’ll teach you the proper way to make ”MATCHA” (Japanese green tea), which we’ll enjoy with traditional sweets while we talk about Japanese culture and history.

I'm very flexible with dates and time.
Please message me for the availability!!